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Sometimes, it’s wiser to hire an instrument than it is to buy it outright. With this in mind, we offer musical instrument hire and rental services from our shop in Sherborne, Dorset. Whether you’re just starting out or you are currently unable to afford new instruments, we loan instruments to all players.


Why Rent?

We usually recommend that players in the first stages of learning rent an instrument for their first term. There is a sound economic reason for this, as musicians most often give up playing during this time. For instance, if you buy a new flute for £300 and then decide to quit, you will only get a second-hand price of around £200. Not only will you have lost £100, but you also have to go through all the hassle involved in advertising, meeting buyers, and haggling over a final price.

Renting will save you a lot of time, money, and heartache. You are welcome to continue renting after your first term if you like, but at that point, we would advise you to buy instead. If you wish to buy at this point, you will be able to do so with more knowledge and familiarity with the instrument.

Free Instrument Maintenance

Furthermore, when you hire from our shop, you will have the security of free maintenance for the hire period, as well as advice on instrument care. For your peace of mind, we assure you that your instrument has been correctly set up and tested by professionals.

Hiring from Us

Once you have decided to rent, you will fill out and sign a credit agreement and a bank standing order. You will pay a deposit equivalent to three months’ rental, plus the first month’s rental in advance. The rental for subsequent months will be paid by the bank standing order.

At the end of your rental, you just need to return your instrument in the same condition, barring reasonable wear and tear, and your deposit will be returned. You will also need to instruct your bank to stop paying the standing order. If you require any further information, please feel free to ask!

Rental Rates

Providing a variety of instruments for hire, our typical monthly rates are as follows:

• Flute/Clarinet – £10.00 • Trumpet/Cornet – £10.00 • Trombone – £15.00 • Alto Sax – £25.00 • Oboe – £30.00 • Mini Bassoon – £35.00 • Bassoon – £50.00

Terms and Conditions of Hire

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