Our NAMIR registered professional technicians are able to carry out most repairs, just ask. For details on pricing just download our Repair Price List.

Example Repairs

Clean dust from keywork, check all rods & screws tight, lubricate keywork, check pads seating & regulate instrument. The instrument is not dismantled for this.

Strip down, clean and polish body & keys, check condition of all rods & screws & clean out old oil. Carefully inspect then re-seat pads as required (up to two will be replaced) springs and corks will be checked and replaced if needed. Instrument reassembled, lubricated, regulated and tested.

Strip down, clean and polish body & keys, check all toneholes and level if required, check condition of all rods & screws & clean out old oil. Carefully re-place all pads with premium quality Italian pads. Springs and corks will be checked and replaced if needed. Instrument is then reassembled, lubricated, regulated and tested.

Instrument will be dismantled & cleaned inside & out minor dents removed & slides checked true (Trombones), water key corks will be inspected & changed as required, valve caps, springs & valves will be checked, valves will be chemically cleaned, lapped in & lubricated, slides will be inspected, cleaned, lapped & lubricated.

Guitar will be cleaned, polished & tuned, neck will then be checked straight & truss rod adjusted as required, string height will be set using by adjusting top nut & saddle, instrument will be tuned again & relative tuning adjusted as required. If fitted tremolo arm will be adjusted to give the correct intonation. If fitted all the electrics will be checked & pot contacts cleaned. Finally instrument will be re-tuned & tested to check there are no buzzes

We are professional members of the Music Industries Association and are licensed to sell & fit the Musi-traC instrument security microchip.

Customer Testimonials

“Mr Gary Mills is an active member of HMS Sultan Volunteer Band. He undertakes all our woodwind instrument repairs and servicing, These include Flutes, Clarinets, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones. He approaches his work in a professional manner and to a very high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you as a very capable instrument repairer.”
Ian Naylor, Instructional Officer 1 Music (MOD(N)), HMS Sultan Volunteer Band

“Gary Mills repaired and refurbished a Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, to an excellent standard.My band members are now using his services, to repair and refurbish their own instruments.We will not hesitate to use his services again.”
BdCSgt. A. Miller, HMS Heron/Osprey Volunteer Band

“Recently I gave Mr. Mills a G treble flute which has been badly designed since its inception. Several other repairers have had sporadic attempts to make it playable. I am happy to report that the Instrument is at last working as well as ever it is likely to do so; whatever else needs to be done cannot be done so without a complete reset of the whole keywork - making it a new instrument. Mr. Mills’ work has achieved something others have failed to do.”
Lamond Clelland, The Vincian Trio

“Since I moved to Wiltshire I have been very fortunate to meet Gary Mills who has completely renovated a number of Buffet system Bassoons and re-plated & re-padded my 7465 Heckel. I could not be happier with his workmanship & almost as importantly his good natured & friendly company. I would recommend him most highly.”
Martin Gatt

“Just a few lines to say a big “Thank-you” for your recent work on my Mark V! tenor. The constant travel on aeroplanes had certainly taken its toll. Having collected it & used it on a gig the whole instrument seemed to spring to life. It has never played better - all down to you! I look forward to seeing you again soon, My Buffet Prestige clarinet is next in line! Once again many, many thanks.”
Mike Snelling, Chris Barber Band

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