We have been asked on many occasions both by teachers & students if we will rent out instruments. With this in mind we have decided to offer instruments for rental.

Why rent?

We will usually only recommend that someone rent an instrument in the first stages of learning i.e. for the first term. There is a sound economic reason for doing this. If someone is going to give up playing it is usually sometime in the first term when they realise they have made a mistake and want to do something else. If you have bought a new flute at a price of about £300 when you try to re-sell it you will only get a second hand price of about £200 not only will you have lost £100 you will also have all the hassle of advertising, meeting potential buyers and haggling over the final price.

If on the other hand you rent an instrument at the end of the first term if you no longer want the instrument you give it back and walk away having saved yourself a lot of money and heartache. If on the other hand you wish to carry on playing you are welcome to carry on renting (though we would recommend that you buy) and if you wish to buy from us or anyone else you will be in a much better position as you will know more about the instruments as well as know how to play it so that you can more effectively check your potential purchase.

Also renting from us you will have the security of free instrument maintenance for the hire period as well as advice on instrument care, you will know it has been correctly set up & tested by professionals before you take it home.

The Next Step

Once you have decided to rent you will fill out & sign a credit agreement and a bank standing order. You will pay a deposit equivalent to three months rental plus the first months rental in advance. The rental for subsequent months will be paid by the bank standing order.

When you wish to terminate the rental you will return the instrument to us and assuming it is still in the same condition (with the exception of fair wear & tear) your deposit will be returned and you will instruct your bank to stop paying the standing order.

The Bottom Line

Typical instrument monthly rental rates:

£30.00 OBOE
£50.00 BASSOON

If you require any further information please feel free to call!

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